Warranty and AMC

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Effective from 1st Apr 2016

Conditions to avail AMC for products -

  1. AMC can be taken upto 5 years from the date of manufacturing
  2. Manufacturing year can be easily decoded from set sl. no. For example - 210912260112012345
  Digit no 3rd & 4th   Represents month of manufacturing   09 - September
  Digit no 5th & 6th   Represents year of manufacturing   12 - 2012
S.No Category Product Tenure
( In years )
AMC Price
( In Rs. )
Plan Name
1. Washing Machine Except Model start with -VDC78J,VS76RS,VT60DN,VF65CP,
VT65DM,VS76C29,VT60C21, FA72,FA72DLX,FA73M,K6001DX,
K6500DLX, Multi Series
SAWM 1 1100 HCP6
FAWM (Top Load) 1 2200 HCP7
2. Refrigerator Except Model start with -V71WFT,V67WFT,V61WFT,V61WFTI5,
DC DC(Upto 200L) 1 1250 HCP9
DC(>200L) 1 1500 HCP32
FF FF(Upto 300L) 1 1800 HCP10
FF >300L to 400L 1 2500 HCP11
FF >400L to 500L 1 3000 HCP12
3. Air Conditioner Except CBU, Obselete & model produced before 2009
Window AC 1 2500 HCP16
Split Air Conditioner 1 3000 HCP17

Multiple Products Discounts

Condition AMC is taken within 1 month purchase AMC is taken simultaneously for 2 products or for 2 years irrespective of warranty. AMC is taken simultaneously for 3 or >3 products or for 3 or >3 years irrespective of warranty.
Discount 15% 15% 20%
  1. The discount amount is to be calculated on basic AMC amount.
  2. Only one scheme is applicable during one transaction. The discounts offered cannot be clubbed together.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices are exclusive of all taxes
  2. Service tax will be charged as per the rates applicable, decided by the Govt . of India
  3. If the product is presently not covered under warranty/ AMC , then AMC will start after 45 days of entering into this contractY

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