Samrat DX

Samrat DX

Model No- KS8524DM-DVM

Prepare for glory! The Kelvinator Washing Machines actually fights with the stains and germs to keep your clothes clean and fresh. These are designed craftily, keeping in the mind that you get a scintillating washing experience that you never had before. To add to your convenience further, we provide you with the widest range of premium washing machines in the Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic segments that will treat your clothes with utmost care.
  •  Multie Pulsator
  •   Anti Bacteria Filter
  •   Lint Collector
  •   Multi Wash Program
Key Features
  •  Anti Bacteria Filter
  •  Lint Collector
  •  Multie Pulsator
  •  Multi Wash Program

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  Multi Wash Program

Washing programs for different kinds of washing needs for different clothes.

  Lint Collector

Collects the lint while washing which has to be removed manually.

 Dynamic Pulsator

Equipped with a self-diagnostic function, the machine give an indication for all potential errors. Be it dry tap, drain, imbalance or any other problems that may occur while washing. The machine cautions you, well in advance.

  Anti-bacteria technology

A technology which removes bacteria and other micro-organisms from laundry.
Tech Specs

Tech Specs


Weight : 24.0000


Body : Plastic Body
Pulsator Type : Multi-Rotor Agitator
Wash Program : 3
Soak : No
Wash Timer (in min) : 15
Soak Time (in min) : No
Spin Time (in min) : 5
Knob : No
Water Inlet : Cold
Buzzer/ Volume Control : Yes
Castor : Yes
Water Level : 3
Lint Collector : Lint
Spin Shower : No
Collar Scrubber : Yes
Anti-Bacteria Technology : No
Colour Option : No
Wash Window : No
Spin Window : No


Wash Capacity (kg) : 8.5


Wash Motor (W) : 400
Spin Motor (W) : 180
Net Size (W x D x H) mm : 825*495*995
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