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Kelvinator stree shakti awards

Stree, Surya ki shakti hai, so goes the signature tune of the Kelvinator Stree Shakti Awards. Over the last 100 years, Kelvinator has been an essentials part of women's lives across the globe, helping them at home and empowering them to achieve more out of it. The Kelvinator Stree Shakti Awards is a humble attempt to acknowledge the contibution of women to our society and salute them for their achievements, sometimes against all odds, in all different walks of life.

Kelvinator Gr8! Women Awards

In pursuit to support Women Empowerment, Kelvinator joined hands with GR8! Women Awards in the year 2007. Kelvinator GR8! Women Awards, an exclusive platform that recognizes and honors women achievers from various facets of society. Kelvinator is proud of being associated with such a prestigious event and has been instrumental in shaping the event with their association for 7 years in a row.